Nano One Advisors

Mr. Joe Lowry

20 years experience in senior roles with leading lithium producers and an extensive network in the global cathode supply chain network

Strategic Advisor

Joe Lowry is an advisor to Nano One and brings wisdom and experience to advance Nano One’s near and long term strategic objectives. Mr. Lowry has worked for top lithium producers in the US, Japan and China, and has extensive worldwide market experience, a large contact base and a good pulse on the lithium market. Mr. Lowry is widely respected and known as one of the world’s experts in the lithium sector.  After a two-decade tenure working in senior positions in leading international lithium companies, Mr. Lowry formed Global Lithium LLC as an advisory firm in 2012. Global Lithium LLC has been successfully supporting lithium producers, users, investors, hedge funds and governments. Mr. Lowry has developed an extensive network of contacts over four continents representing the entire lithium supply chain, including cathode manufacturers, products resulting therefrom and regulatory agencies. His successes and experiences are further detailed in:

Dr. Byron Gates

Tier II Canada Research Chair and chemistry professor at SFU, researching nanomaterials and head of Centre for Soft Materials at 4D LABS

Chemistry and Nanomaterial Collaborator

Dr. Byron Gates collaboratively assists the company in determining correlations between structure, function, and properties of new lithium ion battery materials. Dr. Gates is a Tier II Canada Research Chair in the Department Chemistry at Simon Fraser University, investigating the surface and interface chemistry of nanomaterials and is the Head of the Centre for Soft Materials in 4D LABS, a materials research institute at SFU. Dr. Gates received his M.Sc. and Ph.D. from the University of Washington working with Professor Younan Xia and was a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University working with Professor George M. Whitesides. (

Dr. Gates’ work includes a series of analytical and materials studies to prepare and analyze the surface chemistries of nanostructured materials. Dr. Gates has also demonstrated new technologies in materials design and fabrication through self-assembly and patterning. These technologies are being applied across many scientific disciplines and in new areas of research that include the study of catalyst layers and catalyst supports for acidic and alkaline fuel cells, general corrosion in nanoscale materials, workplace forensics and clean-up of spills containing nanomaterials, and development of both enhanced, high-resolution biological imaging and on-demand delivery and release of therapeutics for use in the management of cancer.