Nano One Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors are comprised of an experienced team of five professionals who demonstrate leadership in the areas of finance, capital growth, high growth technology, and intellectual property management.

The Nano One Board of Directors includes:

Paul Matysek

30 yrs as a Canadian corporate entrepreneur having led over $2B in capital growth

Chairman and Director
Mr. Matysek is a corporate entrepreneur, professional geochemist and geologist with over 30 years of experience in the mining industry. He is currently President and CEO of Goldrock Mines Corp. and has previously held senior executive and director positions with several natural resource exploration and development companies and is a proven company builder. He was recently President and CEO of Lithium One Inc., whose world class lithium development project was in northern Argentina. In July 2012, Lithium One merged with Galaxy Resources of Australia via $112M plan of arrangement to create an integrated lithium company.

Prior to Lithium One, Mr. Matysek was the President and CEO of Potash One Inc. where he was the architect of the $434 million friendly takeover of Potash One by K+S Ag, which closed in early 2011. Prior to founding Potash One, Mr. Matysek was the founder, President and CEO of Energy Metals Corporation (“EMC”), a premier uranium company traded on the New York and Toronto Stock Exchanges. Mr. Matysek led EMC as one of the fastest growing Canadian companies in recent years, increasing its market capitalization from $10 million in 2004 to approximately $1.8 billion when acquired by a larger uranium producer in 2007.

Dan Blondal

26 yrs as engineer, management and leader in high growth technology

CEO, Director & Founder
Mr. Blondal has 26 years of experience as a professional engineer, managing high growth technology in a career that has spanned materials handling, medical devices, industrial printing, nuclear fusion and materials science. He is credited with eight patents issued in Canada, US and foreign jurisdictions. He has served in various roles at Fluor, Andronic Devices, Creo, Kodak, and alternative energy start-up General Fusion, including Engineer, Project Engineer, Product Manager, Technology Manager and Director of Environmental and Regulatory Affairs.

Mr. Blondal brings significant experience in systems engineering, physics and business. As Product and Technology Manager at Creo and Kodak, he led strategically vital initiatives valued at $20M annually to leverage software, laser and chemical systems for high quality printing.

John Lando

26 yrs in venture capital mgt, equity markets and financing public companies

President, Director & Founder
Mr. Lando has 26 years of experience in venture capital management, equity markets and financing of public companies. After trading equities at RBC Dominion Securities, he transitioned to senior management roles at early stage venture companies, including New World Resource Corp. and Northern Lion Gold.

Lyle Brown

CPA, CA and a partner since 1991 in the accounting firm of Culver & Co.

Director and Audit Committee Chair.
Mr. Brown is a CPA, CA and holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of British Columbia. Mr. Brown has been a partner since 1991 in the accounting firm of Culver & Co. in Vancouver, British Columbia, serving clients in a wide range of industries, and is familiar with the reporting requirements of public companies. Mr. Brown serves on the boards of Northern Lion Gold Corp. (TSXV), New World Resource Corp. Mr. Brown serves on the boards of Northern Lion Gold Corp. (TSXV), New World Resource Corp. (TSXV) and FEC Resources Inc. (Nasdaq OTC).

Dr. Joseph Guy

Chemist with 23 yrs prosecuting patents & IP in material sciences and technology


Dr. Joseph Guy is a Patent Agent at Patent Filing Specialist Inc. His focus is on complex technologies including material science, electronic components, pharmaceuticals, and medical products. He has more than 25 years of experience prosecuting patents and serving as an expert witness on intellectual property matters. Dr. Guy was awarded a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in physical inorganic chemistry with a focus on organometallic complexes. After a post-doctoral fellowship at Naval Research Laboratories, Dr. Guy joined E.I. duPont de Nemours & Co. in Brevard, North Carolina where he conducted research in medical imaging technologies.

Dr. Guy later transitioned to intellectual property manager where his primary responsibility was the management of the Intellectual Property portfolio and license negotiations for the Medical Products Division. The Medical Products Division was divested to Sterling Diagnostic Imaging, Inc. in 1996 and Dr. Guy was appointed corporate patent manager responsible for managing the intellectual property for a multinational corporation. Dr. Guy has authored numerous references in peer-reviewed journals and has written and prosecuted over 1500 U.S. and foreign patent applications, with more than 500 issued U.S. Patents. His corporate research, management experience, and intellectual property backgrounds merge to provide excellent experience in the development of an IP portfolio tailored to augment corporate strategies.