Innovation hub

For the past decade, our Burnaby, British Columbia team has been trailblazing a better way to make battery materials. Our continuous innovations in developing the next generation of Cathode Active Materials (CAM) have led to 20+ patents and over 45+ more pending. Using our One-Pot production process and Metal direct to Cathode Active Material (M2CAM®), our technologies improve environmental impacts while driving down costs. We have dedicated teams innovating and producing many cathode battery materials, including:

  • LFP (lithium iron phosphate)
  • NMC (nickel-manganese-cobalt oxide)
  • LNMO (lithium nickel manganese oxide or “high voltage spinel”).

This location also serves as a small demonstration plant, where we scale up our innovations while evaluating and optimizing them. Once they’re optimized, we produce samples for current and prospective partners.

The Facility

Our Burnaby facility is approximately 15,000 square feet comprised of 12,000 square feet of lab space, dry room, pilot plant and battery testing facilities with 3,000 square feet of office and meeting space.



Expansion plans are underway for an additional 10,000 square feet in an adjacent building to support our growth.

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