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  • Nano One and Pulead Joint Development Demonstrates Advantageous Economics

    Vancouver, Canada – August 13, 2019 (TSX-V: NNO) (OTC-Nasdaq Intl Designation: NNOMF) (Frankfurt: LBMB). Mr. Dan Blondal,CEO of Nano One Materials Corp., is pleased to report that the latest results from Nano One’s ongoing joint development work with Pulead Technology demonstrate compelling economic advantages that exceed internal targets. Under the January 2019 agreement, the two […]

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  • Nano One Demonstrates Pilot Plant with First Production of Lithium Ion Cathode Materials

    Vancouver, B.C. June 26, 2017: Dan Blondal, CEO of Nano One Materials, today announced that commissioning of the pilot plant is complete and that scaled-up production of lithium ion cathode materials that meet Nano One’s processing and battery capacity targets has been demonstrated. “Following a flawless startup of the pilot, initial results have exceeded our […]

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