Intellectual Property

As of January 2017, Nano One has three patents granted and many more pending in the US and foreign jurisdictions.

Intellectual Property Policy

Nano One is focused on building a portfolio of intellectual property and technology “know-how” for applications used in lithium-ion batteries and other markets, including energy storage, specialty ceramics, pharmaceutical, semi-conductors, aerospace, dental, catalysts and communications.

Nano One’s vision and mission is to establish this core technology as a dominant process for the production of high-performing nanostructured materials worldwide. Through partnership and licensing of its technology, Nano One plans to engineer its system for high volume production and rapid commercialization. Intellectual property development and protection are cornerstones of Nano One’s business and Nano One adheres to internal confidentiality as a first line of defense, followed by patents and trade secrets.

Nano One seeks to limit disclosure of its intellectual property by requiring employees, consultants and partners with access to the technology to execute confidentiality agreements and non-competition agreements and by restricting access to PLC’s intellectual property and technology through a strict disclosure framework designed to provide interested parties with an understanding of the company and its key successes, without revealing critical details.

The intellectual property was developed and is wholly owned by Nano One and plans are in place to continue filing patents to further strengthen Nano One’s intellectual property portfolio and technology position. Frequent invention, patent improvements, continuations and trade secrets are the most essential components of Nano One’s strategy on intellectual property, and are crucial to protecting its intellectual property and maintaining its competitive advantage.