Growth Opportunities

Changing the way the world makes many kinds of nanomaterials.

Nanostructuring can improve a material’s properties, such as electrical and thermal conductivity, optical behavior, dielectrics, heat resistance, stiffness, strength and resistance to wear. Everyday applications include the strengthening of implants and concrete, 3D-printing, drug delivery, weatherproofing, coatings, UV protection and energy storage. However, applications are restricted by cost of production.

Nano One’s core technology addresses the need for cost effective nanomaterials by simplifying the raw materials requirements and the way they are assembled into nanostructured materials. The manufacturing technology is cost effective, scalable and easily adapted for the industrial production of a wide range of known and yet-to-be-discovered nanomaterials.

Nano One is positioning its technology to change the way materials are manufactured for not only energy storage, but in broader markets that include energy, healthcare, electronics, food, agriculture, industry, catalyst and textiles.

By cost effectively controlling the structure and size of these powders at the nanometre scale, in bulk industrial quantities, Nano One believes it can enable industry to adopt the remarkable properties of nanomaterials for a much broader set of market applications.

Nano One is positioning its core technology to make these materials affordable, address demand and broaden the commercial adoption of nanomaterials.