Nano One and its subsidiaries are committed to maintaining and enhancing a culture that emphasizes integrity, transparency and accountability. The following documents provide additional insight into the framework that forms part of Nano One’s corporate governance practices.

Our Board is comprised of seven Directors, four of whom are independent.  Two committees have been appointed, the Audit Committee and the People, Compensation and Governance Committee, to assist the Board with performing it’s duties and responsibilities.

Constating Documents

Articles of Incorporation

Corporate Certificates

Board Mandates, Charter and Position Descriptions

Nano One Audit Committee Charter

Nano One Board Mandate

Nano One People, Compensation and Governance Charter

Nano One Position Descriptions

Key Policies

Anti-Corruption Anti Bribery Policy

Compensation Recovery Policy

Insider Trading Policy

Majority Voting Policy

Whistleblower Policy

Equity-Based Compensation Plans

Stock Option Plan (superseded)

Omnibus Equity Incentive Plan

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