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Our Partners

We are steadfast in our commitment to collaboration, joining forces with visionary companies to pursue our shared global net-zero ambitions.
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Partnerships around the supply chain and planet

We believe that reaching global net-zero targets necessitates innovation and collaboration. That’s why we’ve partnered up with industry leaders across the entire lithium-ion battery supply chain.

Consortium Partners


In December 2018, Nano One entered a Joint Development Agreement with Saint-Gobain to enhance high temperature processing in order to increase the performance of both company’s materials.

Volkswagen Group

In May 2019, Volkswagen Group Research joined Nano One's consortium as a project contributor.


Worley Chemetics

In May 2024, Nano One and Worley Signed a License and Alliance Agreements to Jointly Develop, Market and Deploy Cathode Plant Design.

Rio Tinto

In June 2022, Rio Tinto invested $10M USD in Nano One, making them a 4.9% owner. Their experience in the millions of tons of material production will help to accelerate Nano One’s production process.

Sumitomo Metal Mining

In September 2023, Nano One Announced a Collaboration Agreement with Sumitomo Metal Mining and a C$16.9 Million Strategic Investment.


In May 2022, Nano One and BASF enter into a Joint Development Agreement for Lithium-ion Battery Materials.


In December 2022, Nano One and Umicore entered into a Joint Development Agreement for Battery Materials Process Technology.

Our Next Energy (ONE)

In June 2023, Our Next Energy (ONE) and Nano One signed a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) to strengthen the North American supply chain for LFP batteries.


In May 2021, Nano One entered into a co-development agreement with CBMM. Under this agreement, we have co-developed single crystal niobium coated battery cathode materials.

Euro Manganese Inc.

In October 2021, Nano One entered into a co-development agreement with Euro Manganese. Together, we’re developing economically viable and environmentally sustainable applications of high-purity manganese, expected to be produced by Euro Manganese.


In December 2016, Nano One was awarded up to $1.9 million from Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED).


In May 2019, Nano One announced approved funding from Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC).


In June 2016, Nano One received funding from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP).


SFU 4D Labs

In March 2017, Nano One announced a collaboration with Simon Fraser University's 4D Labs - a materials research institute - with a focus on guiding the developments of new materials for lithium ion batteries.

Simon Fraser University

In March 2017, Nano One announced a collaboration with Simon Fraser University to advance the understanding of the physical and chemical characteristics of lithium ion batteries as they charge and discharge.