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Our Partners

We are steadfast in our commitment to collaboration, joining forces with visionary companies to pursue our shared global net-zero ambitions.
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Partnerships around the supply chain and planet

We believe that reaching global net-zero targets necessitates innovation and collaboration. That’s why we’ve partnered up with industry leaders across the entire lithium-ion battery supply chain.

Consortium Partners


In December 2018, Nano One entered a Joint Development Agreement with Saint-Gobain to enhance high temperature processing in order to increase the performance of both company’s materials.

Volkswagen Group

In May 2019, Volkswagen Group Research joined Nano One’s consortium as a project contributor.



In May 2019, Nano One announced approved funding from Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC).

Rio Tinto

In June 2022, Rio Tinto invested $10M USD in Nano One, making them a 4.9% owner. Their experience in the millions of tons of material production will help to accelerate Nano One’s production process.

Sumitomo Metal Mining

In September 2023, Nano One Announced a Collaboration Agreement with Sumitomo Metal Mining and a C$16.9 Million Strategic Investment.


In May 2022, Nano One and BASF enter into a Joint Development Agreement for Lithium-ion Battery Materials.


In December 2022, Nano One and Umicore entered into a Joint Development Agreement for Battery Materials Process Technology.

Our Next Energy (ONE)

In June 2023, Our Next Energy (ONE) and Nano One signed a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) to strengthen the North American supply chain for LFP batteries.


In May 2021, Nano One entered into a co-development agreement with CBMM. Under this agreement, we have co-developed single crystal niobium coated battery cathode materials.

Euro Manganese Inc.

In October 2021, Nano One entered into a co-development agreement with Euro Manganese. Together, we’re developing economically viable and environmentally sustainable applications of high-purity manganese, expected to be produced by Euro Manganese.


In December 2016, Nano One was awarded up to $1.9 million from Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED).


In June 2016, Nano One received funding from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP).


SFU 4D Labs

In March 2017, Nano One announced a collaboration with Simon Fraser University’s 4D Labs – a materials research institute – with a focus on guiding the developments of new materials for lithium ion batteries.

Simon Fraser University

In March 2017, Nano One announced a collaboration with Simon Fraser University to advance the understanding of the physical and chemical characteristics of lithium ion batteries as they charge and discharge.