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Governance & Sustainability

Nano One's Board of Directors, Executive Team and its subsidiaries are committed to maintaining and enhancing a culture emphasizing integrity, transparency and accountability. As a green technology company, sustainability practices are central in everything we do.

Powering the World with Sustainable Battery Materials

Real-World Impact

Our process reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 60% for NMC and up to 50% for LFP cathodes.

Reduced Waste

We use approximately 80% less water in our production process while eliminating 100% of wasteful sulfate by-products.

Streamlined Process

Our simplified production process enables flexible supply chains plus cuts time, energy consumption, and cost.

Enhanced Durability

Our Next-Gen Cathodes are protected at the nano-level to improve EV battery cycle-life and durability.

Nano One's Board of Directors

Our Board is comprised of seven Directors, four of whom are independent. Two committees have been appointed, the Audit Committee and the People, Compensation and Governance Committee, to assist the Board with performing its duties and responsibilities.