Value Proposition

Nano One is changing how the world makes nanomaterials.

Nano One has discovered a simple way to assemble low cost raw materials into nanostructured materials for longer lasting energy storage materials for lithium ion batteries. The processing technology is a scalable manufacturing platform that could also bring the benefits of nanomaterials to products health care, electronics, industrial, food, agriculture, industry, catalyst and textile markets.

Billion Dollar Battery Opportunities

Nano One believes it can reduce the cost of cathode materials by up to 50% ($/kWh).

Nano One’s first market is the $2-3 billion lithium ion battery cathode materials supply chain. Cathode materials are found in the lithium ion batteries that power consumer electronics, electric vehicles and industrial storage. Nano One is positioning its technology to change the way bulk cathode materials are produced enabling the advantages of high performance nanomaterials without the costs.

Other Billion Dollar Opportunities

As of October 2015, Nano One has 2 US patents granted and many more pending in the US and foreign jurisdictions..

Nano One believes it can change the way materials are manufactured for a wide range of multi-billion dollar materials markets including renewable energy, healthcare, electronics, food, agriculture, industry, catalyst and textiles. Nano One is positioning its technology to enable the industrial production of a new generation of materials that could enable the remarkable properties of nanoscale materials for products that touch every aspect of our modern lives.


The Nano One management team consists of individuals seasoned in public market financing, capital growth, technology management, chemistry, engineering, materials science, batteries, and intellectual property. The team has hundreds of years of collective experience and billions of dollars of proven capital growth management. See more on the Team.

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