Nano One has discovered and is developing patented and scalable processing technology to make high performance energy storage materials affordable for the lithium-ion batteries used in consumer electronics, vehicles and industrial storage.

The core technology assembles low-cost raw materials in solution (such as lithium, cobalt, magnesium) at high rates of production, prior to industrial driers and kilns completing the reaction. The three-stage process can produce many kinds of ceramic powders, uses equipment common to industry and is already being engineered, with industrial partners NORAM and BC Research, for high volume production and rapid commercialization.


Nano One’s advantage is a low cost process to enable high volume production of a wide range of advanced materials. The first target market is $2-3 billion in lithium ion battery cathode materials.

The patented technology enables rapid formation of high performance nano-scale structures early in a three-stage production cycle. Innovative control of particle size eliminates the need for repetitive grinding, milling, filtering and prolonged thermal treatment that are common to other dominant industrial processes.

Crystal structures are formed from inexpensive raw materials reacting at mild temperatures under atmospheric pressures in fast acting, versatile conditions. Through clever manipulations, the process avoids complexing agents, surfactants, templates, emulsifiers and other chemicals.