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Lux Research Identifies Nano One as Top-Rated Company in Energy Storage

December 16, 2019

On Dec 12th, 2019 Lux Research released its top-rated companies for 2019 and Nano One made the list. Lux Research is a private research firm that provides in depth analysis, data and expert opinions through various products and services to a global clientele for their clients to make strategic innovation decision that may help drive their growth.

Lux Research has covered the progress of Nano One over the last few years as we have advanced our technology towards commercialization. Nano One has become an internationally recognized name in the cathode manufacturing industry with our innovative approach to making cathode battery materials. Nano One is proud to be recognized for its achievements from such a prestigious firm along side some other great companies in our space like Sila Nanotechnologies which this year announced a $170 million funding round led by Daimler to raise their valuation to over $1 Billion and Corvus Energy a world leading supplier of safe, innovative and reliable energy storage solutions for all segments in the maritime industry. Nano One continues to build relationships with global institutions in finance, research and strategic fronts.


Figure 1. Energy Storage Sub-Section of Lux Research Top Companies in the Energy Storage Sector

Figure 2. Twitter @kevcsee (Kevin See, VP Digital Products at Lux Research)




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