Market Opportunity

Growth in cathode materials is being driven by the adoption of electric vehicles, energy storage systems and consumer electronics. Market forecasts indicate annual $23B in cathode powders by 2025 (ref: Avicenne Energy 2018) representing a $1B licensing opportunity for Nano One.
Nano One is focused on improving the cost and performance of cathode materials used in lithium ion battery cells. The cathode represents approximately one quarter of all cell costs.
The lithium ion cathode market is segmented into a variety of different material chemistries, each with specific attributes that address different battery applications.

Nano One is currently focused on three distinct opportunities within the cathode material space and provides a unique value proposition for each.


Opportunity: LFP

LFP (lithium iron phosphate) is the safest, longest lasting and lowest cost battery and is dominant in E-buses, E-bikes, fleet vehicles and even entry level mass market electric vehicles. LFP is also suited to Energy Storage Systems (ESS) being deployed at a growing rate in electrical grids globally.

Nano One’s patented One Pot process produces high performance LFP, with fewer steps, lower cost and in an environmentally friendly manner as compared to current methods of production.


Opportunity: NMC

NMC (nickel-manganese-cobalt oxide) is the largest segment of the cathode material market. It is forecast to dominate going forward driven by automobile industry’s focus on NMC’s superior energy density enabling long range electric vehicles. However, instabilities limit durability, safety and practical range for high energy applications like long range EVs.

Nano One’s One Pot Process uses fewer steps and simpler feedstocks while producing patented coated single crystal NMC powders which resist cracking, last longer and potentially extend EV driving range.


Opportunity: LNMO

LNMO (lithium nickel manganese oxide or “high voltage spinel”) operates at higher voltages and lower volumetric change during cycling making it a strong candidate for fast charging applications in next generation liquid electrolyte and solid-state batteries.

Nano One’s One Pot Process enables LNMO using fewer steps and simpler feedstocks while making a coated single crystal LNMO powder that improves the interface with solid and liquid electrolytes, resists side-reactions and protects the cathode from high temperature degradation.

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