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2016 CEO Letter

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Dear Shareholders/Subscribers,

We would like thank you for your continued support and interest in Nano One. 2016 was a tremendous year and it’s worth taking a few minutes to look back.

On the financial front, we brought in $4.2M in non-dilutive support and credibility from various Canadian government programs (SDTCIRAP and most recently ASIP). We also raised $3.7M in private placements and warrant exercises and we saw our market capital triple over the year.

Nano One team are awarded $1.9M in financial support from the Automotive Innovation Supplier Program towards their piloting program. This adds to $2.05M in support awarded by SDTC earlier in the year. From left to right, Principal Scientist Dr. Stephen Campbell, Jonathan Wilkinson Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, CEO Dan Blondal and Project Manager Robin Sweeny.

We presented at conferences, won a few pitch contests and visited with industry stakeholders in China and Japan. We were covered by news outlets in Europe, US and Canada with a couple of great local pieces in the Financial Post and BNN.

$NNO CEO to visit big players in Jiangsu after winning #CCIN pitch to large Chinese Biz & investor delegation (link)

On the business development front, we brought on lithium expert Joe Lowry as a strategic advisorand we are actively building relationships in his lithium network.

A trip to China and Japan in the fall put Nano One in front of electric vehicle, battery, cathode, lithium and solar cell companies.

On the technical front, we kicked off our piloting program in partnership with NORAM and BCRI. The pilot construction is on schedule, will be up and running next month, and we are pleased to say that we are even a little under budget.

Nano One Principal Scientist Dr. Stephen Campbell and Pilot Project Manager Robin Sweeny stand in our 3000 square foot piloting space with the first three of twelve piloting modules. The remainder are due in January and February.

The pilot will simulate full scale production of cathode materials and is already attracting attention from global commercial interests in the lithium supply chain.

Nano One’s patented technology will be demonstrated in these pilot sized reactor vessels

We are growing a fantastic team with solid funding, competent engineering partners and in November, we moved into a newly renovated lab, pilot and office facility.

2000 square feet of new laboratory and testing space

Battery Testing and Assembly

Xray Analysis and Crystallography

Earlier in the year, we launched a program to develop high voltage cobalt free battery materialswith support from Canada’s IRAP and SFU. This has drawn interest from global battery companies interested in next generation batteries.

On the patenting front, we were issued a Taiwanese patent, we applied for more patents in June and October, and we have more novel ideas in the works for 2017.

Nano One uses the same processing platform to make the full range of lithium-ion cathode materials.

2017 will be an exciting year as project milestones are achieved, plans get executed and commercial interests draw closer. There will be plenty of opportunities to meet and speak with us this year and in fact, we are starting the year in Toronto at the 2017 Cantech Investment Conference, so please come visit us at booth 113 on January 18th.

Thanks again for your continued support and all the very best to you in 2017.

Sincerely, Dan Blondal
CEO Nano One Materials


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